Building Interfaces
for Social Inclusion

A multi-disciplinary semester in Denmark,
spring 2014

A collaboration between
University College Lillebaelt,
Lillebaelt Academy of Professional Higher Education


Tomorrow’s professionals
are also BISI professionals

The BISI program educates professionals who achieve knowledge of interactive designs enabling children and youth with special needs to express themselves.

This is carried out in a multi-disciplinary environment within Social Education, IT and Medialogy in close cooperation with the practice field and industry of interface technologies.

International atmosphere

The course will be held in an international atmosphere in the heart of Denmark in Odense, Denmark’s third-largest city, alive with music, theater and concerts. You will meet a lot of exchange students from many other countries. Social activities with Danish students and teachers will be arranged during the course

In spring 2014 we have accepted students from Portugal, Ghana, Camaroun, Tjekkia, Belgium, Spain, Norge, Etiopia, Finland, Iceland, Kosowo, Hungary and Denmark. So we really mean it when we say come to Odense and meet the whole world.  This is also an international experience. So be open and stay amazed!


5 Month’s Course 30 ECTS Taught in English

The BISI students acquire a multi-disciplinary knowledge foundation, including aspects of:

- Communication, interaction, and play

- Designing for non-formal learning

- Experimenting with existing resources for communication, and practical examples

- Product development, based on creative and innovative processes

You will be introduced to project group study; that is project oriented problem based learning.

The course is equivalent to 30 ECTS, and it follows the UNESCO Guidelines for Quality Provision in Crossborder Higher Education.