Social Education
at University College Lillebælt in Odense

Mette Richter
Ass. Professor at UCL
Project manager of the BISI semester

To me education is a question of creating possibilities for everybody to unfold themselves.  At the BISI semester it’s important that everything is organized in a way that focus on the students integrity and at the same time create circumstances that encourage the students to think innovative. I have been working with innovating educations since my early days as a student of philosophy and as long as I can make a difference in the world, through education, I will continue. The mission of the semester is Building interfaces for Social Inclusion, especially for children and youth with special needs. These youngster and children has a special place in my life as I grew up on a Danish Højskole, where I as a child was part of the gym lessons with Children and youth with special needs through the work of my dad. In an early age I learned that no matter what bodies we are placed in we, as humans, have lots of things in common and very different ways to express ourselves, or to unfold ourselves. Differences have always inspired me.  I know a lot about teamwork, cooperative learning, appreciative inquiries, mediation, meditation, philosophy and human conditions.
Employed at The Department of Social Education, University College Lillebaelt since 1997

Helle H. Jørgensen
Lecturer at UCL

From comparative literature, that is the Great Western Canon and postmodern dead heroines, melodramatic hysteria, horror and freaks, – to (un)spoiled children and youth, play and – That’s me: Helle Hovgaard Jørgensen, Mag. Art in Comparative Literature, studying for Master’s degree in Child and Youth Cultures, and working as a lecturer at University College Lillebælt. I am looking so much forward to seeing you all.

Palle Krabbe
Ass Professor Health and Play

The aesthetic disciplines of movement, play, drama, music and art are my focus subjects. From a background in Olympic Gymnastics, coaching National Team of Denmark I have transcended into the world of playfulness to examine and deduce the fantastic innovative potential of play for academic achievement. My teaching life has developed through experiences at Universities and Experimental Colleges. But first of all  inspirational contacts all over the world have built up  cooperative teaching experiences that are very usefull as a lecturer at the INTERNATIONAL SEMESTER of UCL. As a lecturer of PLAY and INNOVATION I have visited and been teaching in 12 countries, – at conferences and workshops.