Life in Odense

Odense is Denmarks third largest town and is full of educational opportunities and students. Because of the many students – including many international students Odense has much to offer if you are looking for cultural and social opportunities to connect while you are here.

Several student organisations make it a point to put on cultural and social events such as for example New Studenthouse in Odense, and the local chapter of the Erasmus Student Network, ESN Odense is very active; offering a buddy system for exchange students and many great events.

If you’d like to venture beyond events targeted for students, and meet ‘Odenseanere’ of all ages and interests there are many more offers to explore.

As the home town of famous fairy tale writer Hans Christian Andersen (you probably know his tales, such as the little mermaid, the ugly duckling and many more) you can visit his childhood home or the children’s culture house, Fyrtoejet, the Tinderbox which is dedicated to his legacy.

Or you can explore contemporary art at the award winning museums at Brandt’s or visit and use the open sewing, wood work, metal work, ceramic and media craft shops at Kulturmaskinen which is also located in the old textile mill complex that houses Brandt’s. For a small fee you can use the well equipped shops and there is always staff on hand to help you with good advice, inspiration and help using the tools and machines that are available.