Here are the institutions, that house the users of the interfaces for social inclusion.

Antons Hus

Anton is a special and unique little person who has special needs.
Antons Hus is a small caring respite centre with integral occupational therapy.
Antons Paraply (Anton’s Umbrella) provides a wealth of professional offers for children, their families and the authorities.

Antons Hus is a respite offer which, during the initial phase, is primarily aimed at small children with multiple disabilities as well as severe disabilities or illnesses. Antons Hus offers respite at weekends for small homogeneous groups of children. The house is open 24 hours a day.

Antons Hus offers a range of umbrella activities, i.e. occupational therapeutic offers for children like Anton, his parents, relatives and specialists. The offers under Anton’s Umbrella are complimentary to the respite offer and are run in parallel with it.

Nislevgård efterskole

Nislevgård is a boarding school for dyslexic young people with reading and writing difficulties

  • Efterskolen visits all newly admitted students before they start school.
  • There are no exams
  • Smokeless boarding school.
  • Max 8 students in a Danish class


Here are representatives from the companies, who work together with the BISI project.


Helle Grøndahl
Director / Occupational Therapist & Coach

Birdhouse has a lot to offer children and families with disabilities and the professionals in the field. Birdhouse by Helle Grøndahl has disability equipment for children and youngsters, so everyday life can be tailored according to individual needs and developmental support.

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