Social Education students in Odense

Social Education – why care?

You don’t usually see a great many social educators in the field of technology, but why not? Social skills are needed if you want to develop new interfaces for social inclusion. Interfaces that enables children, youth and grown people with special needs to improve their ability to communicate, to be able to interact socially, and to make it possible for this very special group in society to express themselves in their daily life, verbally as well as aesthetically. Social educators are WaNtEd in this special semester because you think it is important to give these special people a voice of their own, and because you want to support smarter ways of doing things in their everyday life. And because you care! As a matter of fact for those who need a little extra help in life.

You achieve knowledge which enables you to challenge and contribute in developing interactive and technological, intelligent applications/solutions based on your knowledge of psychology, ethics, educational theory, and of children, youth and grown people with special needs.

Moreover you achieve knowledge and skills in alternative ways of communication. In BISI we look at communication as the core concept of social interaction. Communication takes place in the relation to people with special needs in order to make it possible to interact socially and thereby to help them feel included. Our communication philosophy behind the BISI work is that of “total communication”, which is an attitude towards communication, that take for granted that you want to communicate – no matter what – you will listen and understand your fellow human beings, and therefore you are interested in looking at all the possibilities for communicating, and in finding creative solutions and new ways of communicating in the field of technology.

We are looking so much forward to seeing you!


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