Welfare technology is a term of our times. It covers a wide range of meanings. All of these meanings are based on the common understanding that welfare is a human right and technology one of the means to achieving it. From this understanding and the need to make things better has BISI evolved. BISI (Building interfaces for social inclusion) is a collaboration between, so far, three higher education institutions in Denmark: Medialogy, IT and electrical engineering and social education.

Welfare technology has a complex reference frame because welfare always has a human perspective and technology pr. definition is non-natural. The notions are antonyms which means that they contain each other’s opposites. BISI wants to make the ends come together.





Our vision is to build a course where students on their path to different professions can work together at improving the use of technology for the welfare fulfillment of children and youths with disabilities. The course will include students from all over the world. The vision is that the students will collaborate on different concrete assignments from praxis fields and benefit and learn from each other’s skills. The technology we need, to improve welfare, will be constructed by students who have that competence. These technicians and media specialists will see through the social worker’s eyes what is needed. The assignments will all be delivered through praxis concerning children and youth with disabilities. That is our vision…


Come on! Let us work together on getting there.